Baptism and Boomerangs by Sherrie L. M. Gavin


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Baptism and Boomerangs

by Sherrie L. M. Gavin

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“And that edge? See that? That is how the boomerang starts its journey. Just like baptism. Baptism is the start of our journey to return to live with our family and our Heavenly Parents forever.”

Eight-year-old Amara wants to be excited about her baptism, but instead she feels worried and unsure. But all that changes when her grandad explains how baptism is just like a boomerang.

Filled with colorful illustrations and a captivating story, this picture book is perfect for children of any age. And it makes a great gift for birthdays or baptisms!


About the Author:

Sherrie Gavin was born and raised in upstate New York, USA. Always looking for romance, adventure, and with a love of writing, she travelled to Australia and fell in love with a true Aussie bloke named Bruce. ‘Sruth! They married and began adventuring together, joined by two beautiful daughters who are the loves of their lives. Sherrie has been lucky enough to have contributed to Linda Hoffman Kimball’s Relief Society anthologies and The Exponent II. She also thinks that everyone should try throwing a boomerang at least once.


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