The Quantum Deception by Denver Acey


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The Quantum Deception

by Denver Acey

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The FBI Suburban was already waiting for Tanner in the parking lot.  He ran up to it just as the rear passenger door opened from the inside.  Tanner jumped in and closed the door before realizing the woman sitting next to him wasn’t Agent Heywood.  It was Reina, dressed in a blonde wig and wearing Sara’s clothes.

It took Tanner a moment to realize that he was being kidnapped.

Reformed cyber hacker Tanner Stone has been living a peaceful life in Utah. But all that changes when a plane mysteriously crashes into the mountains and Tanner links the “accident” to an ingenious Chinese computer virus.

Now it’s up to him to prevent that same virus from destroying the financial data of everyone in America! But with stakes so high, he’s not the only one searching for answers. And some will stop at nothing to find out what Tanner knows.

This thrilling action story is packed with explosive twists that will keep you guessing. Fast-paced and suspenseful, it’ll change everything you know about Internet security.


About the Author:

Denver Acey has spent his entire professional career in the IT industry, where he has witnessed and thwarted actual cybercrime. From his top-secret job working for the US government to securing computer networks at Fortune 500 companies, Denver is personally familiar with hackers and their unscrupulous activities. Because of his unique background, Denver now writes books to dispel hacking myths while illustrating how vulnerable we all are to cybercrime.


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