The Tulip Resistance by Lynne Leatham Allen


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The Tulip Resistance

by Lynne Leatham Allen

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Marieka parked her bike next to the fence as Miss Remi opened the door holding a cloth to her cheek.
“Miss Remi, what happened? Where are your chickens and pig?”

Miss Remi pulled Marieka inside and shut the door. “The Germans came. They said they had a right to confiscate the pig and chickens to feed their army. I protested but one of them struck me.”

Caught up in a war she doesn’t understand, sixteen-year-old Marieka Cordoven has been living as peacefully as possible in the Dutch countryside. With her friends and family at risk, Marieka wouldn’t dream of resisting the Germans. But everything changes when a wounded German soldier—a defector—needs her help.

This tense historical drama delves into the intricacies of the Dutch resistance during World War II. Join Marieka as she summons the grit to defy order and hatches a plan to do what’s right.

Expertly paced and filled with immersive detail, this is a book you can’t stop reading—a debut novel that’s a perfect mix of drama, romance, and a story you won’t forget.


About the Author:

Lynne Leatham Allen grew up in Othello, Washington. After thirty years as a professional cake decorator, she is retired. She attended Ricks College and married her husband, Ross, in the Idaho Falls Temple in 1970. They have six children and now are empty nesters and live in Wellsville, Utah. She loves writing and sewing. She’s an artist of charcoal, pastel, and color pencil portraits; oil landscapes; and acrylic tole painting. She is a self-taught artist and seamstress and has many hobbies ,including cross-stitch, hardanger, crocheting, knitting, candy making, cooking, gardening, and reading. Her writing career began with jingles and then graduated to humorous poems. Three years ago, she wrote her first children’s book, The Sugarplum Fairy’s Little Sister, which was awarded an honorable mention at the LUW writing contest in 2012. Frogo and Turnip also received an honorable mention at that time, and The Courtship of the Ice Queen received first place. She joined the LUW and has been writing ever since. The Tulip Resistance is her first novel. She is working on the sequel, with the tentative title Operation Tulip.


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